Sunday, March 2, 2014

Differences and Similarities of Plant and Animal Cells

What are differences of plant and Animal Cells?

Plant and animals share 10 of the same organelles, but plant cells have 3 organelles that an animal cells does not have.  Those  organelles are Large Vacuole, Cell Wall and Chloroplast.  The large vacuole is only found in a plant cell because plants unlike animals can not get a drink or food whenever they please so they need a  place to store their food and water.  Plants only have Chloroplast(chloroplast gives plants its green color) because it absorbs sunlight and coverts it to energy which makes their food which is needed for survival, but animals do not need this coloration or to convert sunlight into food because animals can eat when they want.  The last difference between organelles is the Cell wall.  Plants only need a cell wall because plants do not move, and do not have a skeleton.  Therefore the cell wall us what makes plants stand up still and straight, animals do not have them because if animals had them movement would be almost impossible.  I difference between animal cells and plant cells besides organelles is the shape.  Animal cells are normally a circular shape.  Plant cells are normally square/rectangle and have a rigid shape.   

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